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WA Senior Card members receive 20% off all MedibandPlus products, including yearly membership for medical data storage and emergency medical access.

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About MedibandPlus

Every second in an emergency situation is critical. Medication errors harm at least 1.5 million people each year.

Imagine this: You are rushed to the hospital but are unable to provide emergency personnel your medical history.

With a few clicks, they access crucial and vital medical history and records online, knowing immediately which treatments not to give.

With MedibandPlus, your medical information will be available in an emergency, reducing the possibility of a medication error.

MedibandPlus has many additional benefits which are highlighted below:

  • Medical Records – MedibandPlus enables you to update and edit your medical notes whenever you want, and you can choose the security level of each information field from public, hospitals only, to private. You can include information such as your Medical History, Allergies, Medications, Immunization log
  • Upload Documents – allows you to upload documents, x-rays, scans or perhaps immunization certificates such as Hepatitis
  • Travel Status – indicates periods of travel such as holidays or business trips and allows you to maintain a record of your itinerary
  • Emergency Contact – allows you to include the details of family, friends or your GP who will be notified with the emergency responder's contact details when your emergency profile is accessed
  • Mediband® (www.mediband.com) bracelets can also be linked to the MedibandPlus® (www.medibandplus.com) web based medical database enabling subscribers to store vital medical and personal information for easy access when and if needed, especially in emergencies

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